Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Frenzy: Day 24

Today I worked on some odds and ends, finishing things here and there and working on some small projects like this headband to keep my hair back at the gym:

Pattern: Easy Crochet Headband (Ravelry mine)
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red
Hook: USG/4.0mm
Timeframe: February 24, 2013
Mods: None.
Problems: None, though I'm never really happy with my crochet chains.

Almost there!

Day 1: Sheldon Pirate Shell (modifying hat, not yet finished)
Day 2: Bear Hat
Day 3: V-Day Cross Stitch
Day 4: Sock #1 (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 5: Dyed Roving
Day 6: Sock #2 (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 7: Baby Bootie
Day 8: Coaster
Day 9: Cross stitch (that isn't working out as planned!)
Day 10: Sleeve (sleeve is done, but not the rest of the sweater!)
Day 11: Stash Organization
Day 12: Stash Update
Day 13: Valentine's Day Card
Day 14: Baby Bootie
Day 15: Julia Test Knit
Day 16: Singles from Dyed Roving
Day 17: Singles from Dyed Roving
Day 18: Disney Cross Stitch
Day 19: Brown Singles
Day 20: Cat Bed
Day 21: Blue Singles
Day 22: Plying the Green Yarn
Day 23: Plying the Other Yarn
Day 24: Headband

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