Friday, February 22, 2013

February Frenzy: Day 20

Not only did I spend my class time getting most of a cat bed done, I also listened to my knitterly senses when on the third row of the second layer of the cat bed I had an overwhelming urge to count and realized I slip stitched to the first dc instead of the chain on the first row, leaving me one repeat off. This would have been very, very bad if I hadn't caught it!

8 more to go!

Day 1: Sheldon Pirate Shell (modifying hat, not yet finished)
Day 2: Bear Hat
Day 3: V-Day Cross Stitch
Day 4: Sock #1 (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 5: Dyed Roving (finished! but needs to be plied)
Day 6: Sock #2 (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 7: Baby Bootie
Day 8: Coaster
Day 9: Cross stitch (that isn't working out as planned!)
Day 10: Sleeve (sleeve is done, but not the rest of the sweater!)
Day 11: Stash Organization (still need to get it all into Ravelry...)
Day 12: Stash Update
Day 13: Valentine's Day Card
Day 14: Baby Bootie
Day 15: Julia Test Knit
Day 16: Singles from Dyed Roving 
Day 17: Singles from Dyed Roving
Day 18: Disney Cross Stitch (will not get finished this month)
Day 19: Brown Singles 
Day 20: Cat Bed

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