Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Frenzy: Day 2

Tiny webcam photo, because that's how I turned it in:

I nearly finished a baby hat for a pregnant coworker. I think the real question/challenge will be, how many projects can I not only work on each day, but also finish? I know that there will be at least six projects that will each get a day to shine but won't be finished by the end of the month, four pairs of socks for my Harry Potter House Cup OWL and a sweater for my HPHC Mission along with an Art of Disney cross stitch. When I get desperate towards the end, I have three other in-progress cross stitches and four other WIPs I can think of that I can easily get another row in for, but I'm hoping to finish most of the rest. I'm also planning to give each baby booty its own day, and I have at least three other projects that can be two days themselves, so there won't be twenty-some finished projects this month, just a lot of pictures.

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