Thursday, June 27, 2013

Always Put Your WIPs Away!

I came home to this yesterday:

Apparently, one of my cats was interested in the nearly-finished blanket I had near the couch and got her collar caught on it. She dragged the blanket across the dining room and must have gone around and around the chair leg quite a few times in order to get it wrapped around like that.

Surveying the scene
On the one hand, I feel really bad about her getting stuck. On the other hand, it's been there for days, why did she now find the blanket so appealing she was able to get her collar stuck on the yarn? Luckily, as you can kind of see in the above picture, all of the yarn tangled around the dining room is from the skein; the hook remained caught in the working loop:

I suppose this is a sign to just finish the blanket already - that or to actually put the project back into the project bag when I'm not working on it. One or the other.

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  1. What a lucky save! I am really surprised the hook stayed in.

    For some reason the RSS feed is broken again, boo!

    Molly : )


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