Friday, June 21, 2013

Camp Loopy Project 1: Finished!

All of the Camp Loopy projects need to be started and finished in the same month and must follow the prompts. Project One needed to be a 1-skein project of at least 375 yards using a yarn you haven't used before. I chose Skein Merino Cashmere Fingering for the yarn and the Brandywine Shawl for the project. At first, I thought the shawl was coming out a little too camo-y for my tastes. It's not quite what I had envisioned from seeing the yarn in the skein, but I think it turned out well in the end:

I finished it in less than a week, much faster than anticipated, mostly due to having about 10 hours of straight lecture in my 12 hour class that week. With the majority of this shawl worked in garter stitch, it was a quick knit anyway, and very easy to work on while taking notes and listening to the professor.

Yarn: Skein Merino Cashmere Fingering in Element
Needles: US6/4.0mm
Timeframe: June 10 - 17, 2013
Mods: Added another 4 repeats of Chart B to use as much yarn as possible.
Problems: None!

I added four repeats and considered a fifth, but in the end I'm glad I didn't because I would have run out of yarn that way. The reverse I-cord bindoff is absolutely perfect for this shawl and I love it so much! I also think I finally got the hang of I-cord edging - mine always came out too tight, mostly because I thought you had to pull it fairly tight to get it to close up. With this project, I found that you really don't, and if you just keep a normal tension rather than trying to pull it taut, you do get a fairly stretchy, nice bindoff. Who'd've thought? 

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