Tuesday, December 9, 2014

No-Sew Blankets

I loved my cat blanket so much that I bought blanket kits (on sale) for all the little children I make holiday gifts for. I hope they all enjoy them!

For one brother and sister, I also gifted some Precious Moments pillows, and these pillows came with extra pictures to applique. I put them on the blankets, mostly because I had them available and wanted to use them.

The edges are not tied like typical no-sew fleece blankets, they're braided following this tutorial. I love how they turn out, and they're really simple to make.

My only worry is that I may have cut some of the slits too close to the edge and they'll break with heavy use. It's an easy fix, but I'd hate to give a gift that has to be fixed (although if they're breaking, that means they're being used, which is a plus).

Love that braided edge!

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