Monday, December 1, 2014

Paint-by-Numbers Quilt

Quite a few years ago, my grandmother got me the supplies for a holiday quilt. It was a simple quilt, I just had to pin the batting and backing on, trace the lines, then bind it. It sat in a box until quite recently, when I purchased a new (to me) sewing machine and pulled out everything I had that was simple to make, mostly pillows and this quilt. I've never quilted before, or done anything much more than going along a seam, so this took some time for me.

This was a Daisy Kingdom panel, with matching backing fabric. Already-owned blue fabric was used for the binding. If anyone out there wants one, my grandmother got one for herself and never touched it. Apparently I get all of my crafting genes from her.


Aside from general learning how to do curves, when I need to lock the thread and how far, and what kinds of shortcuts I could take, the only problem I had with the quilt was the binding. It was cut too thin, and I didn't pin it in perfectly, so there was some backing sticking out when I was done. Nothing too bad, especially as it will probably be a wall hanging and the back will rarely be seen, but annoying nonetheless.


It is finally finished, and has been gifted to someone who is thrilled to have it. I'm thrilled to have it out of my supply box and really happy that it's wanted and will be used!

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