Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick Mitts

Oh hey, more yarn and more projects!

Me, jump on a new project when I have one item due by the 22nd and three more due by the end of the month? Of course! A quick pair of mitts was requested, so of course I had to grab some more yarn and get right on that:

Yarn: Bernat Sheep(ish) in Black plus some Malabrigo Rios in Black for the second pair
Needles: US7/4.5mm
Timeframe: December 15 - 19, 2014
Mods: Different increases (M1L/M1R), so only knit two after marker before binding off for thumb. Also only knit 1.5" of ribbing on the first pair, and 2.5" for the second to use all the yarn.
Problems: A touch of confusion for the thumb, as the instructions were given for a decrease I don't like to use. I think my brain was just not working the first time I read through it. Otherwise, very quick, very easy!

The best part is, I was able to get a pair for myself out of the leftover yarn plus a small bit of Malabrigo Rios I had lying around - so really, this project helped me use yarn, furthering my goal of fewer miles and fewer entries in the stash log. Really!


Yes, I can rationalize just about anything. It's a skill I learned from my mother. 

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