Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Frenzy 2017: Day 16

I am getting a bit bored of the stitch markers. Sure they're pretty fast and easy, but they're also repetitive and something I need to look at, even though I know exactly what I'm doing now. I want to start one of the 20 other projects in my Indiana stash. I have three more pairs of socks I can start, a shawl, a couple of cross stitches, and some hand towels. I also have a worsted weight hat and another baby hat/booties set, but both of those require yarn from the baby blanket and I don't want to start any of that until the blanket is done. So, here's another pair of stitch markers! Only three more left...

Day 1: Baby Blanket!
Day 2: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 3: Sock Darning
Day 4: Replacement Fluorescent Sock
Day 5: PussyHat
Day 6: PussyHat
Day 7: Baby Booties
Day 8: Baby Booties
Day 9: Baby Hat
Day 10: Baby Hat
Day 11: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 12: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 13: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 14: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 15: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 16: Beaded Stitch Marker

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