Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Frenzy 2017: Day 22

Hooray! Finished a thing!

Rather than starting the pair of socks using the same yarn but flipping the main and contrast colors, I'm starting another pair of cozy socks. These socks need the size 6 DPNs for the ribbing, the same size I'm using for the bright socks. I did manage to get that done and switched over to the size 7 DPNs. Tomorrow's project probably won't be much of a surprise!

Day 1: Baby Blanket!
Day 2: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 3: Sock Darning
Day 4: Replacement Fluorescent Sock
Day 5: PussyHat
Day 6: PussyHat
Day 7: Baby Booties
Day 8: Baby Booties
Day 9: Baby Hat
Day 10: Baby Hat
Day 11: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 12: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 13: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 14: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 15: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 16: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 17: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 18: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 19: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 20: Train of Thought Socks
Day 21: Resist Hat
Day 22: Cozy Boucle Socks

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