Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Frenzy 2017: Day 25

I still haven't finished the larger projects. I did get a bunch of work done on the baby blanket, but finished it is not. This cross stitch is fairly small and I'm hoping to gift it in April. Good choice for today, but tomorrow...oh what will I start tomorrow?!

Day 1: Baby Blanket!
Day 2: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 3: Sock Darning
Day 4: Replacement Fluorescent Sock
Day 5: PussyHat
Day 6: PussyHat
Day 7: Baby Booties
Day 8: Baby Booties
Day 9: Baby Hat
Day 10: Baby Hat
Day 11: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 12: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 13: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 14: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 15: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 16: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 17: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 18: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 19: Beaded Stitch Marker
Day 20: Train of Thought Socks
Day 21: Resist Hat
Day 22: Cozy Boucle Socks
Day 23: Replacement Fluorescent Sock
Day 24: Octagon Socks
Day 25: Requested Cross Stitch

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