Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Frenzy 2017: Day 1

To celebrate the fifth year of February Frenzy, a fun month that kicked off monthly lists of sharing craftivities on my favorite Ravelry board, I'm going back to the original. That means working on a new or different project every day this month. With my obsession with data, I know that I have supplies for 36 projects along with my 14 WIPs/WISPs and am intending to buy yarn for probably three more hats (a requested PussyHat which will probably be two hats' worth of yarn and a Resist hat for me). Basically what I'm saying is, I got this. Also, I should be finishing pretty much all of the smaller projects I have with me in Indiana, including three sets of baby hats and booties, all three of those new hats, and ten pairs of beaded stitch markers. Must prove to myself and the world that I don't always hilariously overpack when it comes to yarn!

Let's do this!

Today, I started a project that I'm hoping to finish this month, a baby blanket for a cousin. I have a couple larger projects I'm hoping to finish in addition to all the little ones, and we'll see if I do in fact knit enough to get them done in the background. It probably depends on how many meetings I attend this month! A stripe per day will get this one done, and at ten rows per stripe, should be easily doable.

Day 1: Baby Blanket!

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