Friday, November 14, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon...

Well, I realized that I need to rip and re-seam the sleeve. You see, I did not do the best job of distributing the stitches. The center top stitch lines up with the shoulder seam. The line of bound off stitches on the sleeve matches with those on the torso. However, in between, things seem to have gone awry:

The top stitches in the sleeve cap are all stretched, and the bottom stitches are all baggy. I need to fix that by redistributing the stitches so that the upper end has more and the bottom end has less, therefore getting rid of the obvious pulling at the top and the baggyness at the bottom. Lee pointed out the wonkyness of the sleeve. He said the torso looks awesome, and if my goal is to have it look not obviously homemade (read: poorly done) I should fix the sleeve seam. Thanks, dear. It also needs to be blocked, and I probably should have done that before seaming. I'll probably take it out once I've finished the second sleeve, block all three pieces, then re-seam both of them and make sure they line up better.

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