Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, Rogue has dried, but has not been moved from the floor of the sun room, so is not yet done. It needs seaming for the sleeves, so won't take very long once I get working on it - I just haven't done it yet.

I fought with a cross stitch (which will shortly get its own post) and have finished all the stitching, I just need to wash and finish it with backing and a couple of tassels. I need white vinegar to do the washing - with the luck I've had for this one it will definitely bleed in the wash if I don't have any. The problem at the moment is that Lee and I can't seem to find any. Does Japan have white vinegar anywhere?

I also nearly finished the sleeve I've been working on FOREVER for my mom's Telemark Ski Sweater, but I can't decide if I like it...I posted about all sorts of gauge/pattern issues before, and now I think that I might like the thing better if I got the assumed correct row gauge and then did the calculations for number of stitches based on that. Right now, I got the given stitch gauge which gets 8 rows/inch. The pattern says to do the snowflake charts at 8" before the finished length, which would work perfectly for 6 rows/inch, but not for 8 rows/inch. Instead, I need to start the chart 6" before the finished length, taking 2" off of the design area. I think this is shrinking the design too much, so I think I will go back to swatching...

I know I was supposed to finish three projects before starting something else, and I did finish completely two of them, but I think I will start the baby blanket today. I've stalled on my mom's sweater, don't want to go back to the stole until I have the Telemark sweater, baby blanket, and the MIL sweater done, have one slow going pair of socks I don't feel like working on, and one completely stalled pair of socks I'm designing. I think I'll start the blanket for easy, not thinking about it knitting, since I now have two projects that just need the last couple bits of finishing work done to complete them. Yay for new projects!

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