Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Course...

I'm all happy about finishing, so I wash the pieces in preparation for blocking and seaming, while forgetting that all the towels are in the wash. Our washer/dryer takes FOREVER, but it is quite convenient to just toss a load in and hit "go" then take out nice clean and dry, though very wrinkly, clothes. Another nice feature of our apartment is our sink. We have a triple sink; it's the length of three sinks instead of two, like most American kitchen sinks. We also have a tray that you can slide along the length, to work as an extra work surface or a nice air-drying surface, as it has holes in it. There's also a wash basin you can slide along a lower tray area, so that you can use it for washing dishes or what I do, holding the dishes for washing but staying underneath the work surface tray and out of the way during the day. This basin is also perfect for blocking:

As you can see, the pieces of my Rogue fit nicely inside. Now if only the towels would hurry up and dry already, I could be further along!

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