Sunday, November 9, 2008

A sleeve. Kind of.

I finished the first sleeve for Rogue, up to the sleeve cap. Now, this doesn't quite look right. It seems a bit short. I've re-read the directions, and I have knit it all as the directions say. It should be 17" long right now. It is 15" long. I have gauge issues. Crap.

Lee likes the torso bit sans sleeves. I like it too, but as I bought the yarn for the sleeves, I shall make this one with sleeves. I may make another one with no sleeves and do some sort of edging along the armholes, but for this one, I shall continue on with the sleeves. I do like the sleeve circumference, so I'm going to just continue on with it, and fudge the sleeve cap if necessary. I should have checked gauge at the outset, so if I stayed with this one I could have spaced out the increases better to make it a bit more anatomically correct, but I don't think anyone will notice. I also like my sleeves to be about 17.5" instead of the given 17", so I'll just knit until I'm happy with it, then make the sleeve cap to match the dimensions given on the schematic so it attaches correctly. I might have another FO to show off soon!

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