Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vortical Socks

Remember those socks that I mailed out just over 48 hours after receiving the yarn? They were samples for Phoenix Bess, to be photographed for the online knit magazine Knotions. I knit a second pair of those socks, in bobby sock format, also sent back to Phoenix Bess. However, here are the lovely knits I've had in the sidebar for quite some time and can finally show off:

Pattern: Vortical Socks from Knotions (check out the site for a better picture!)
Yarn: Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Firebird
Timeframe: Shortest socks ever, August 25 - 27.
Mods: 7" leg height, as per designer's instructions.
Problems: The timeframe wasn't the best, and the socks ended up somewhat tight. They still look awesome though, and any looser and I would have run out of yarn!

Pattern: Vortical Socks from Knotions
Yarn: Panda Cotton in White - a new favorite sock yarn.
Timeframe: Longer than the first ones, even though it was smaller - September 2 - 22, 2008.
Mods: Bobby sock size (no leg, only ribbing), as per designer's instructions.
Problems: No real problems, it just took awhile due to the fact that I'd already knit a pair just before knitting this one, and the yarn is a bit splittier than I like.

I'm quite pleased to see the sock that I knit in the pictures on Knotions, even if it's not a sock I designed!

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