Monday, November 10, 2008

Wash Day

Sunday was laundry day for me, so I also filled up the tub and washed/blocked some knits. I did all of the socks I've remembered to separate (R.I.P. Hourglass Eyelets) and my Calorimetry and Fetchings got a bath too. My Lopi Cardigan was washed as it was packed away and had a bit of a plastic-y smell from the move. In addition to that, I finally washed my blue Goodwill cotton to get the kinks out.

That's about 1356 yards of light DK/heavy sport weight goodness. I have to check WPI (wraps per inch) to figure out which exactly it is, but I'm gonna say DK. This is what I'll be making the baby blanket and probably some burp rags out of for my cousin. These four skeins are the two sleeves, front and back of the original sweater. When I was first recycling sweaters, I tried making one or two massive skeins. Not the best idea. It's much better to have fewer skeins instead of joining to make a continuous loop. It gets tangled a lot easier if there's too much of it. It probably won't be 100% straight when it's dry, but that's okay. I just wanted to get the Goodwill smell out of it as well as anything that may have lingered between the stitches when it was still a sweater. Now all I have to do is finish Rogue and I can start the baby blanket!

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