Saturday, June 1, 2013


Time ran away from me this past week. Everything is so close, and yet, so far, apparently. I can't even blame it (much) on the cross-stitching, since my needle broke and I haven't replaced it so haven't done the second clue yet. Yarn count went up:

It is now June. A year ago, I had just over 41 miles of yarn, hitting the lowest point, under 40 miles at the end of the month. Today I have just over 46 miles. I don't think I'll be making a new record low! This month, I hope to:

1. Finish the Camp Loopy Project 1, the Brandywine Shawl.
2. Buy yarn for Camp Loopy Project 2 (as yet unknown).
3. Knit one mile more than I purchase. That should be even easier this month with 1900 yards of almost-done projects I intended to finish last month.
4. Keep up with the Steotch-Along.

Now off to read about case study research while finishing a ~600 yard project!

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