Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Steotch-Along Halfway Point

Hooray, 50% of the clues are completed!

Now with 100% more cat!
Now he looks like some kind of soul-less demon coming to suck out my soul. Or something. I hope that the next clues fill in his face better so he doesn't continue to scare me while I'm working on him. Evil satan-spawn.

In sock news, I have made all of the fixes, though for the tall sock that means I have ripped back the entire foot and need to re-knit the foot. No more mistakes, but no real progress. The other socks are all fixed, toes ripped, lengthened, and re-knit, and I found the extra yarn I had from Absinthe (all < 1 yards) and duplicate-stitched around all the nail hole. Hopefully that holds. I love those socks!

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