Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June WIPs

Over one mile down, 2118.9 yards to be exact, and 880 yards of yarn for Camp Loopy Project 2 just arrived. 521.1 yards more to go this month for 1 mile net yarn loss. All but one of the WIPs on the top of the pile are easily over 600 yards, more than enough to bring my yarn total for June where I want it:

I have four things I'm working on for the rest of the month. You've seen (probably more than you wanted) the Steotch-Along cross stitch. I also mentioned the tall sock that needed to be ripped out back to the heel and re-knit; that one will be my travel project. For Camp Loopy, I was going to show off my in-progress shawl, but it flew off the needles and will be the star of my next post, if I can get some good pictures! As a backup travel project, I have a scarf I can't show off yet to travel around with. It's currently at a really easy garter stitch for X" stage, great for lectures and reading, but it is the one WIP that won't let me reach my goal, requiring only about 400 yards.

Finally, I'm trying to finish a blanket that I've had in progress since 2007. It's a 3-panel Broomstick Lace crocheted blanket, and I already have two complete panels. It's my at-home project for when I am waiting for the next Steotch clue. I was hoping to get it done this month, but given the (very) limited time I've had for crafting at home this month, it may or may not happen. I do have a nice long car trip this weekend, but part of it will be from bourbon distillery to bourbon distillery. I historically have tension issues when crocheting, and I seriously doubt bourbon will help!

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