Sunday, June 2, 2013

Steotch Clue #2

I normally cross stitch from kits. Or I suppose I should really say that I used to cross stitch from kits - everything I've actually finished and shown off recently hasn't been from a kit. Anyway, stitching exclusively from kits means I always got a needle with my kits and have been lucky enough to have never lost or broken more needles than the number of kits I've stitched. Until now. I broke the small needle that came with my (unfinished) Santa Ornaments kit, the only needle open suitable for smaller than Aida 14 ct. fabrics. I purchased some new needles and stitched up Clue #2, and let me tell you (if you didn't already know), the quality difference between cheap in-the-kit needles and needles purchased for stitching is very, very noticeable! I thought it was just a little piece of metal, no way there'd be any difference in type of needle, and I was wrong. Higher quality tools are always better, even if it's just a small sliver of metal. But you probably already knew that.

If you didn't, the purchased needle is shorter, allowing for slightly more economical use of thread, and smoother, going through the fabric much faster and easier and therefore allowing me to work faster. I would recommend buying needles rather than using the ones that come with kits in the future, and now I'm wondering if there are different brands or styles (like gold-plated) that really are better and worth the extra cost. Any input from more experienced stitchers who may be reading this?

Completed Clue #2:

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