Friday, August 29, 2008

More News

Chugging away on my BYOB - nothing new to note yet, hopefully will have a finished product by the end of the weekend. And maybe some FO pictures for the growing list of finished but not photographed items in my sidebar.

McCain has finally chosen a VP, and it seems like a very smart move on his part. She seems competent, poised, pretty, and a very staunch republican in all the worst ways. Anti-gay, pro-life, pro-drilling in Alaska, and who knows what else. Good move, sir. We shall see how this one plays out - and this time I get an outsiders view on the whole shebang.

I was ever so pleased this morning. One of the Art of Disney retired cross stitches, The Happiest Celebration on Earth, was put on eBay. I do own all of the charts for all of the cross stitches, but I want to own all of the kits and this particular one requires beads. I put it on my watch list, as it was just listed today, and am prepared to wait until the final two hours to start my bidding, hoping that it remains down around $15 so not too many people actually notice it. I've found that if the bidding doesn't get too hot, the ones that start low tend to stay low. Of course, a couple hours later, I check back, and it's already over $60. I was planning to pay between $60 and $100 for this, and will have to watch it. It's worth a lot to me, but right now, I really shouldn't be spending so much on something so unnecessary. We did just take out a large loan from Lee's parents to consolidate some of our smaller and higher interest loans as well as set up our apartment in Japan, so we have the money for this, but I just don't know how high I can reasonably go. I really, really, really want this, and this one isn't listed very often. I'll be keeping my eye on it and crossing my fingers that the other bidders don't think it's quite worth it!

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