Sunday, August 3, 2008

Post #100, YAY!

This is post #100! No party or anything, I just noticed it and figured I'd say something. I'm going to have a cookie to celebrate.

I got my latest Knit Picks order in, finally got around to using a $50 gift certificate I've had since Christmas. The need for thank-you scarves is what finally did it. Lee and I liked Shimmer in Galaxy, but weren't sure what it would really look like in real life. We were going for purples, and that's exactly what it is. Perfect. Just in case, however, I grabbed a skein of Bare for Kool-Aid dyeing if necessary, and threw in some sock yarn for work to get it up to the $50. I'm designing the thank-you scarf, something lacy with beads and cables, but I probably won't show it about for awhile. I'm really liking it so far so I think I may try to sell it. The woman I'm giving it to is the wife of a professional weaver, so they know all about quality craftsmanship and good materials, so I'm feeling some pressure to perform. I know I don't have to make an amazing scarf, but I want to make a really good one! She likes purples, and if I can get some lovely beads to go with this, I'll be all set. I'm thinking the scarf will take less than one skein, though I got two to be safe. I'm hoping to make one for me out of the other one if it turns out well!

I've also signed up for both Mystery Stole 4 and Secret of the Stole 3. Now, I no longer need the purple laceweight I kept out of the Japan stash. I have all this new Knit Picks yarn that should be shipped instead of carried over. I want to get two colors of laceweight I already have out of the Japan stash to maybe use for both of those, since I have some good colors that fall into the recommended colors category for both. The boxes that will be shipped to Japan are still sitting in the hallway. I also have to go bead shopping for the Galaxy scarf, and both stoles require beads....And our diplomas came in and should be shipped ahead, so if I open a box I can pack those, so I really should unpack and repack that box, right? Right.

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