Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Post

Apparently I go from one obsession in my knitting to another. Remember the post about not quite understanding the concept of having multiple projects on the needles? Yeah, I now have five projects that require my size 4s. Five. My mom's sweater, both the knit alongs I've just joined, a test knit, and the thank-you scarf that I've sketched out but still need to fully chart out and swatch. Yes, I'm actually going to swatch this one to make sure it's what I want. The test knit is the first one on the needles, and it's nearly halfway done. I have two skeins of yarn, so that's how long the wrap will be. I think it might look better with a third, but I have two, so it's getting two.

The ski sweater is still on that first sleeve. So much for making it before she arrives...last Sunday...But she likes the sleeve a lot so far. I just got annoyed with the pattern directions and gauge and trying to decide if I should knit another inch or just let it go and see what happens, so put it down and picked up a book. All this knitting's not going to get done before I leave the States if I keep on reading huge books that won't stay open while I knit. I've switched to cartoon books - they're all paperback and short and they stay open for me. Since I'm still using DPNs for the sleeve, I don't need my Boye set yet, and this project is not yet vying for cables and tips.

Tomorrow, however, SotS4 starts, and I want to keep up with it this time. I have the swatch, so I know what I'm using and I'm all ready to go, I just need the first clue. I also, since I probably won't quite finish the test knit before tomorrow, have stolen one of the cables out of Blaze, and made it fit just barely onto the largest cable I have. It's very tight, but it fits. I figure, I'll finish the test knit, blaze through the thank-you scarf since I'm really into the project, and then return that cable to Blaze just in time (I hope) to recieve the last skein of yarn I need to finish that and then finish Blaze, opening up two cables for the ski sweater. If I finish my BYOB, that gives me a cable for the MS3, which starts September 5th. (Who else is skeptical? Memememe! I almost bought more cables, but can't spend money on something I really shouldn't get right now) Which leaves Rogue's sleeves still wanting for cables...but hey, I need some airplane kniting, right? With over 16 hours of airline knitting, plus waiting to transfer flights, go through customs, etc. there will be a bunch of knitting, reading, sudoku-ing and cross stitching going on, especially because I probably won't be able to sleep.

Also, I just realized that the word "tink", meaning to un-knit a few stitches, is actually the word "knit" backwards and it makes a lot of sense but I feel like an idiot for not realizing it in the oh, three plus years I've been using it.

Also also, that sunburn I posted about before is peeling. Ew.

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