Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a lovely day last Friday with the cat, sitting by the stove, knitting away, burning old financial records. All I needed was a mug of hot cocoa and a change of season to say, January instead of August. Oh well. Got a bunch of knitting done!

Last night we went to a Buddy Guy/George Thorogood and the Destroyers concert in Boston. We live a bit over an hour away, so of course, I brought some knitting. I brought my BYOB for a change of pace from the laceweight, and got to the end of the lace panel. Came time to do the top of the bag in seed stitch, and I realized that I didn't pack the smaller needle tips needed for that portion of the bag. Luckily, I never pack light knitting-wise and had my Sea Silk Wrap in my purse, which I happily knit on during the first two bands (Peter Gammons' band and Buddy Guy) and during the intermission-y time before George Thorogood came on. I was dancing and there was not enough light to continue the wrap during his set. I got another couple of inches done on it, so that's going well. I also had a small cross stitch ornament in my purse too, the $1.99 kind that's sold in big box craft stores. I love those little suckers! The lace part of the BYOB seemed to go quickly, and I'm hoping my renewed interest in it carries me through long enough to finish it up soon. I'm in a finishing stuff mood, but I do not have enough time to really sit down and power through anything. Though we are going to the drive-ins tonight...Maybe I'll bring my Peasantry and not any other warm clothing so I have to finish it when it gets chilly out. That may motivate me enough!

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