Thursday, August 7, 2008


I spent the day weeding a couple of days ago. Well, five hours of the day. Bending down, squatting, kneeling, five hours of positions I'm not usually in. My hamstrings are killing me! You know how sometimes when you bend down, your shirt and pants no longer completely cover your lower back? If you are in such positions which allow this to happen for extended periods of time in the sun, your skin tends to react to the sun exposure that it hasn't gotten in, well, probably almost years for that particular portion of my anatomy. Heck, even my bikini covers that exact stripe of skin! I know this because that stripe of skin is now a painful, puffy, purpley-red, and it is covered by most undergarments and bathing suit bottoms. Lee finds it hilarious. I wanted to post a picture, but realized that as the stripe is covered by my bathing suit, it is probably also not the most appropriate area to be flashing the world. Also it extends down into butt cleavage, and since that is not something we enjoy here in the States (though some European jeans have cutouts specifically for that...) I shall not be displaying my burned butt cleavage.

I also went stash diving for the lace yarns for MS4 and SotS3, and have lovely yarns for those. MS4 will get a lovely denim Alpaca Cloud, and SotS3 will get the same pink that my Path of Flowers stole used. I should have enough of the pink for the SotS3, but that may be iffy. I definitely have enough denim for the MS4, so that's all good. Now all I want to do is swatch for that, though what I should be doing is working on my mom's sweater.

Instead I'm reading The Mammoth Hunters, the third in a not-so-good series of books, Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel. It has some great potential, but a couple of things that I just can't stand, like the entire conflict of the 723 page book is a simple lover's spat that has escalated stupidly because niether of the two will just talk to each other. The book is set in early man's history, when there were still Cro-Magnon man and modern day humans, and the descriptions of the local flora, fauna, geography, tools, and general living conditions are great. The problem is that there's like a paragraph listing all of this stuff and then it's not mentioned at in the normal narrative flow. Kind of like a soap opera set in early human times and written for the screen, so the background and scenery are kind of asides to the action instead of integrated. Two more books to go of this size before the series is done...and while I'd rather be reading something else from the MASSIVE collection Lee and I are leaving behind, I shall finish these first because, well, I already started, so I have to finish.

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