Friday, August 1, 2008

Unclear On The Concept...

The point of having multiple projects on the needles is so that you can switch from one size to another, one technique to another, and give yourself a break every so often. So like a lace shawl, a worsted weight cable or stockinette sweater, and a sport or fingering weight stranded sweater is a good mix of projects. My current projects do not have that nice mix. I was looking at them trying to decide what to knit on, since all of my cords from my Boye kit are being used. Two in Blaze, one in BYOB, one in Manitou. I have a test knit shawl that I just got, and a sweater for my mom I'd love to finish before I go to Japan that I have yet to start. Therefore, I want to clean the needles and free up some cords for other uses. So I laid out my projects:

Blaze, 1.5 Skeins Left BYOB, almost to the lace Manitou, almost done

We have: A cabled sweater, DK weight yarn. A seed stitch bag, worsted weight yarn. So far so good, multiple styles of project, but still a bit too knit/purl, I'd like something that's more knit a row/purl a row or just plain knit. A reversible cabled scarf. All K1/P1, just like the seed stitch bag. Worsted weight, just like the seed stitch bag. Cables, just like Blaze. D'oh!

I am not exactly able to take a break from one thing to another. Oh well. I have to clean the needles anyway, and since Blaze isn't going to be done until I order another skein, I've gotta go with the other two. But since I really, really, really want to start either the lace or the sport weight colorwork, I'm sure I'll be finishing something very shortly!

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