Thursday, August 28, 2008

The News

The excellent news: My Certificate of Eligibility is officially in the mail from Japan, which means I am 100% going to Japan in just under a month. Awesome!

The good news: The yarn I mentioned for a test knit in the last post didn't get here until Monday. However, I was able to whip out a pair of 7.5" leg, 9" foot socks to get in the mail on Wednesday. Fastest socks ever. Though I do need to ice my wrists now! It's a pretty cool pattern coming out by Phoenix Bess, a biased lace sock that Lee found very entrancing, especially given the yarn that I was using. It pooled nicely with the pattern.

The "eh" news: No pictures for this post. I haven't really worked on anything but test knits recently and though I've taken pictures of them, y'all don't get to see those until the pattern is released. I will say that I am quite pleased with the Sea Silk Wrap and can't wait to show that one off! This one also had pretty amazing pooling, and I love the colors, though I think it's going to be a present for my aunt. I love it but don't think I'd use it, whereas she probably will use it.

The bad news: I haven't yet even started my SotS3 Hint #2, and Hint #3 comes out tomorrow! We will have a lot of car time this weekend with a visiting friend, but I've also got a couple other things that should be done first. We'll see how that goes...

The awful news: Everything we own (practically) is still stuck in Japanese customs. At this point I just want to tell them to hold onto the boxes until we arrive, then we'll go there and make the extensive lists of everything AGAIN so that we can have a household in Japan.

Thank you and good night.

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