Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally, a Lopi FO Post

I did drag out the camera and the sweater for better pictures this time - I've been using really bad ones with my dalmation shorts on Ravelry for the longest time ever! See:

This is a very warm sweater - so warm that I really can't wear it all that often! In addition to how warm it is, it gaps, which is the style and I knew that's what it'd do when I was knitting it, but I don't particularly like it. I do enjoy the sweater and wear it instead of a jacket on cold fall days. It's warmer than my leather jacket, as long as there's no wind!

Pattern: Toggle Cardigan
Yarn: Reynolds Lopi
Needles: US9/5.5mm and 10/6.0mm
Timeframe: Not sure
Mods: None
Problems: Not really, first sweater, lots of learning! I do wish the front edges wouldn't curl so much. I have extra yarn for a matching earflap hat, and I may make some kind of insert or flap so it doesn't hang open so much.

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