Monday, November 7, 2011

It Seamed Like A Good Idea...

Another one from cleaning out the drafts, this one was from before Japan even, May of 2007!

Yup, I've been seaming. And honestly, it ain't so bad! In fact, I'm rather happy with my seams. Not so happy that each piece didn't quite have the same number of rows, but apparently I was angry working on the right front piece and my tension was tighter.

Here is my beautiful seaming job:

I'm just so freaking happy with it and proud of myself for getting it so nice (on my first try, no less) that I was dancing around. Lee was even impressed.

Here's a half-done shot:

I'm just so freaking happy with this thing! Though I tried it on when it was half done, and it seems as though the front is a bit more open than I'd like it to be. Gotta finish to be sure, but I do believe that it is a bit snugger in the chest area than desired. Then I gotta figure out what to do for closures...