Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Knits

 I made another Placket Neck Pullover since the first one turned out so well and I had enough yarn to make the next size up. This is a nice quick knit, I think it looks great, and it should fit the kid nicely next year and probably the year after. Maybe even the year after that. I'll have to find a different pattern for next year though if I'm going to keep knitting things for him!

Pattern: Child's Placket Neck Pullover (Rav)
Yarn: Almost exactly four skeins of a very soft Japanese acrylic/wool called Mamarm.
Needles: US7/4.5 mm 
Timeframe: October 15 - 31
Mods: None, if you don't count omitting the buttons.
Problems: None!
I also figured I should make something for him to wear now, rather than something that won't fit yet, so I took a look through my stash to make the hat. Found the perfect yarns, now I'm just hoping it fits! Cute hat, very quick knit, and my submission to the House Cup* Care of Magical Creatures October homework:

Pattern: Cozy (Rav)
Yarn: Multiple Japanese aran/bulky weight acrylics
Needles: US8/5.0 mm 
Timeframe: October 23 - 31
Mods: No intentional ones.
Problems: Slight problem - I misinterpreted the pattern at one point, knitting a bit too far after the stripes. The pattern meant to measure from the bottom of the earflaps and I knit about a half inch extra before realizing my mistake. Not a huge problem, I just left it in and kept going!
I finished the knitting on this one in a single day, but didn't block it until the end of the month with all of my other finished knits. It does look warm and cozy, and I hope it fits and the baby likes it!
*The House Cup is a Harry Potter themed knitting group/competition on Ravelry. Every three months, they sort people into different houses, and you earn points for your house by completing homework and extra assignments (Ravelry projects) each month. You must complete one homework assignment from any class each month to be eligible for sorting for the next round because so many people are interested, and additional homework or a lot of yardage earns extra points for your house. I've joined as a NQFY, Not Quite First Year student, so that I can learn the rules and play along so I can be sorted next time. There are multiple classes each month that assign homework, all from the Harry Potter series (Transfiguration, Potions, Muggle Studies, etc.), and each one has a specific theme for the month. For Care of Magical Creatures, the theme was zombies, and one possible way of meeting that theme was making something that would protect someone's head from a zombie looking for brains. This project fit perfectly!

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