Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Freaking Close!

Originally written May of 2007, the final saga of the Lopi cardigan.

Well, the seaming is done, the collar is done, the front edging is done, and I have decided on toggles. Now I just need to buy the stupid things!

Trying it on, I was still worried about the bust. It really seemed to want a zipper, as I just automatically reached down to zip it up the first couple times trying it on. I think that's just because all of my knitted (all store-bought) cardigans have zippers. After wearing it around for a bit, I decided I should probably knit the collar on. Those seven inches of ribbing took FOREVER! Hours and hours of mindless ribbing, I hate ribbing! Though I must say, I finally have fixed the problem I used to have of ugly knit stitches next to the purl stitches. Practice does make perfect, who woulda thunk?

When the skein of yarn I was working with ran out most of the way through the collar, I decided to do the edging of the front bit next to save myself from the miles of ribbing, at least for a little while. Since the side with the buttons was going to be straight single crochet no matter what I did with the final product, I did that one first. It added enough to the edge that I decided that toggles were the way to go. So, I did that edging, and now I can pull the cardigan closed over my bust and not have the color changing bits next to the raglan seams go all wonky.

Now I just need to find somewhere that sells toggles. I was at Jo-Ann's because I needed a new Tunisian crochet hook for my washcloths/handtowels project and looked quickly for toggles, but could not find them. I think AC Moore may have them as I recall them having a macrame section, and it might be there. Who knows? I certainly don't.

I found that spit-splicing when you've recently put on lotion actually helps the fibers to join faster. Kinda gross when doing it, but there you are. I finished the collar, the last bit of knitting, while going out to dinner with friends. Actually, I was binding off when we pulled in, so bound off the last fifteen stitches at the table, cut the yarn, realized I neglected to bring a crochet hook to hide the end of the yarn, and wore it anyway. I like it a lot! The collar needs to be blocked a bit though; the ribbing needs to be more relaxed as right now it just all bunches up in the back. Easily fixable. So all that needs to be done is weaving in that last end (I did all the others in my break from the endless ribbing), adding toggles and blocking the collar. And then I have a sweater, yay!!!

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