Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long Time, No Post

I've moved over 400 miles away, sorted, culled, packed, unpacked, re-sorted, re-culled, definitely own less than I did a year ago, but still own a surprisingly large amount of craft things. Like double what I own. And that's almost including the furniture too! So I've been starting the new job, getting into the swing of living with a new person (though that is enjoyable as it is my boyfriend) and decorating the apartment while trying to find hiding places for more things than there are hiding places for. Things being mostly yarn and fiber. I have finished quite a few projects, problem being that a bunch of them were new projects to begin with. The couch has a total of five pillows on it, four of which have been finished since I've moved in (two of which were started previously). I have ten washcloths (I realized that my relatives would not actually use them, but I'd like to use them, so I kept them all) with the ability to make three or four more, and I re-organized all my yarn last night and chose yarn for a welcome mat (gotta use up that acrylic somehow!) and still don't have toggles for the Lopi sweater. I cannot as of now justify $12 on toggles. Maybe in a couple of months when I actually want to wear the sweater. And I haven't bothered to weave in that last end yarn so that I can prove to some people (who don't believe me because I've been wearing the sweater sans toggles anyway) that the thing really is made by me. Once I get the toggles on it will be woven in though.

So, why no posts? I've wanted to post, planned to post, sat down to post...but never had the pictures, and figured, posts with no pictures, how boring! so didn't post. But here it is, the boring picture-less post to prove that I am truly alive and well in my new location in my new job for the time being.

I think another way to use up the acrylic and the bag of polyfill (whose existence is threatened by Lee who thinks that if there is no planned purpose for it, it should not exist in his physical sphere) would be to make Amigurimi for everyone this Christmas. I found an excellent pattern resource for Amigurimi and other good crocheting things here, and I think I will definitely be making a few. Probably in weird colors as I'll be using up stash yarn and not buying anything (except maybe eye buttons), but that just makes them more special, right? Right.