Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pattern Comprehension Fail

I'm in the final section of an amazing shawl, where you bind off four stitches every other row to finish it off. The directions say p2tog, BO3. I took that to mean p2tog, then BO the next three stitches, leaving the p2tog on the needles.

That is obviously incorrect. It is far too tight. The p2tog is supposed to be one of the three bound off stitches, apparently. Oops!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's not the heat, it's the humidity...

I finished an adorable little cardigan. It has a colorwork section. This means that I am trying to get four layers of wool to dry. In a very humid environment.

Will it dry before it gets a musty smell? Who knows! One thing I really liked about my dryer in Japan was that it came with a shelf so you could run the dryer with things (shoes, delicate items, etc.) on the shelf so they wouldn't get jostled. I know the Yarn Harlot has used the oven in the past, but I don't trust my oven one bit!

It is superwash and dryer-safe. I could just throw it in there. I worry that the colorwork and garter button bands won't sit as nicely after a run through the dryer, and at least for initial gift-giving, I'd like it to look its best!

Monday, August 1, 2016

July Wrap Up (and up and up and up...)

Apparently being away from my stash meant I needed to buy more yarn. It's all got a purpose, but still. Lots more yarn.

I did get a couple of larger projects done, and have another couple at almost-done. I've knit more than a mile per month, according to my calculations, but I've acquired almost twice that amount of yarn. I've nearly broken my record for most yarn stashed at a time!

Time to go through all those almost-finished WIPs and get some quick, high-yardage finishes!