Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in the US Yarn Update

Sadly, we're not finishing the Trail this year. I managed to get some crazy virus that doesn't go away quickly, and a week or so after we decided we wouldn't be able to finish and headed home, Lee got the same fever, chills, joint pain, and extreme fatigue, followed by the crazy hunger and weird abdomen pain with continued fatigue that I had. The fatigue lasts for a few weeks; I'm still not at the point where I could hike like I was and it's been about 6 weeks since I first got sick. Stupid illnesses.

On the plus side, we're now setting up in Indiana, where we'll be living for the next 3 - 5 years, setting up the house we bought before starting the Trail. New (to us) house, new car, new bed, new KitchenAid mixer (plus ice cream maker and pasta press!) and food processor, and new cats:

Layla is the older one, and I still haven't happened upon the right name for the little one. We've been calling her variations on "itty bitty kitty" and her shelter name was Sapphire. Lee wants to name her after the Greek goddess Nemesis, but that's not right either. Someday, she will have a name!

In addition to all the new things we've got, I've been reunited with some fiber (2 lb of alpaca and something like 4 llama fleeces) and yarn. I'm debating whether to add in the yarn to each month so it's not a big jump in May, since I owned it all before that point, but I'm not sure. I owned it, yes, but it wasn't part of the available stash, so I still haven't decided. At least the total amount of yarn is still below the maximum from last year:

And going back to add it in, it looks like this:

No knitting in April or May, except one quick hat I made last-minute to give as a gift for crashing a cousin's child's birthday party. Leftover yarn is that ever-so-slight incline between March and May.