Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unproductive September

I finished exactly one thing this month. That thing was a cross stitch. All I had to do was wash and frame it, after buying an appropriate frame. I worked on a nearly-finished blanket all month, and that's pretty much it. Sure there was a bit of knitting on a sock that still isn't done, some sewing on a paint-by-numbers-esque quilt, a sleeve for a baby sweater, and about ten stitches on another cross stitch, but mostly it was the blanket, if anything. I don't seem to be in enough classes, meetings, or bus rides that don't require my hands elsewhere this semester. Sigh. Next month there should be a mile-and-a-half blanket finished and a pair of socks or two. This month, there is just more yarn.

I fear I am zeroing in on a stable 45 miles of yarn. Is that a bad thing?