Thursday, October 31, 2013

WIP it good

I seem to be overrun with WIPs. Again. Nearly half of them just need that extra bit of finishing, but I keep being close enough with another project that I want to wait and wash/block them all at once. Which means it will now take an entire week to get through the pile of things to wash/block and finish. Oops.

Current projects:

Simplicity Cardigan. Molly over at Deep Blue Renegade started a KAL kind of a while back. I've had this cardigan near the top of my queue for over a year (and the yarn for at least six); time to actually buy the pattern and get knitting!

Magnus. This is a Christmas sweater for my nephew. I've made a sweater for him for every Christmas so far (I think), so of course he's getting one this year! I'm wondering if the size will be okay, it seems a mite small to me but I haven't seen him in a long, long time (Thanksgiving? maybe?) so I'm going to trust the pattern. His new sister is getting a cardigan for Christmas, and that's sitting over in the almost-finished pile, it just needs buttons sewn on.

Long Socks. (Yes, you've seen that picture before. They haven't really progressed, so I haven't really needed to take another picture. The biggest difference now is that the cats ate the blue-green needle holders. Buttheads.) These have been WIPs for most of the year, and if I want to finish everything I've started in 2013, they must be done! Also, I need the needles for some gift socks I'm planning and I know that if I take the needles out these socks will languish for years. The gauge is a bit tighter than is really comfortable and I don't love the color, so they're not exactly a knit that excites me. I'll certainly wear them when they're done, I just need to get that far!

Those are the main projects right now. I have a few Christmas presents and baby shower gifts I'm itching to work on and a short sleeve Green Gable for me I've been wanting to make, but for the moment, it's just those three. Now that I've listed the ones I plan to make soon, of course I want to start all of them right now - luckily (?) most of the necessary needles are in use so I can't go casting on willy-nilly. Yet.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Ink

I changed the ink in one of my fountain pens and was enthralled by the designs the old ink made in the water as I was cleaning out the pen. So enthralled that I took a picture and am blogging it:

I still think about you, o blogoverse, I just don't often do anything about it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slow Month

I finished almost a mile of projects, but purchased 1/3 mile in yarn. I have some posts in draft form, but no pictures, so no posts. I've been busy. Two monthly yarn roundup posts in a row - I should post more!

Instead, I'm going to go read some more papers and continue knitting.