Monday, December 31, 2012

>97% Success Rate!

I didn't make any actual goals for 2012 due to the 'round-the-world move. I made some fourth quarter goals, but didn't really do well with those. I still kind of had the goal of finishing everything I started in the same calendar year and slimming down the rest of the WIP/UFO collection; I did a LOT better in 2012 than I did in 2011! In 2011, I started the year with 15 projects and finished with 22. This year, I started with 22, added three more when I was reunited with my US stash, and am finishing the year with 15. Not too shabby. Three of those were started in 2012. I didn't meet my goal of finishing all the projects I started in 2012, but I did finish 103 new ones, giving me a 97.1% success rate.

The three non-finishers are an illusion piece I knew I probably wasn't going to finish but started anyway in a fit of optimism, a shawl that I technically did finish, as in, I knit what the pattern said, but had over half of the yarn remaining and so decided to enlarge it to use up all the yarn, and a pirate costume for the Sheldon I knit for my nephew. With the 13 pre-2012 projects I finished, I'd count it as a successful year project-wise. I knit and crocheted quite a bit:

Yarn-wise, however, I did okay, but not great in decreasing the stash. Due to a sale and a test-knit opportunity of a particularly luscious sweater I did not have appropriate stash yarn for, I added more than I should have. My laptop has recently bricked (hardware problems) so I don't currently have my excellent Excel file. I should be able to get my entire hard drive back, but of course it died 3 days before I was going to back it all up and don't have a current backup of my stash file. Sigh. Even though I had to buy another skein of Patons for about 2 yards to finish a hat and some skeins of Caron Simply Soft to finish my turtle costume color collection, the yarn count went down (slightly) this month:

It's not as high as the highest yarn count, but it's still much higher than the beginning of the year, so I count that as a fail. Hopefully next year I can turn this year's failings into wins.