Friday, April 1, 2016

Almost Doesn't Cut It

I have a lot of almost-finished this month. I almost finished a cardigan from the fall. I almost finished another Clapotis. I almost finished adding a repeat to a stole/scarf. I almost didn't buy yarn to test knit a cardigan.

All these almosts? They make the stash grow!

This month, almost finishing my dissertation is not an option. I'm pretty sure I'll get these three almosts finished, since they are all very close, but I'm not sure what else I'll have time for.

Still pretty stable. The lowest the stash has ever been is 41.62 miles, right before grad school started. It's been almost 50 miles a couple of times, so 44 isn't bad, but I'd like to have under 40 miles when I finish grad school and move. Time to pull out all those half-finished projects!